Car Repair

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Engine Repair

Think your vehicle doesn't drive as well as it used to? we've got you covered.

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Wheel Alignment

If your car shakes or doesn't drive straight, then this may be a solution.

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Fluid Exchanges

Anything from oil changes to transmission fluid we've got you covered.

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Here you will find our exclusive online only coupons not availible in the shop.

To print out your coupons, please click on the print button underneath the informaiton next to each coupon. Coupon sets are renewed monthly and we stand behind each price given, never will we deny a price until the expiration date of the coupon. These coupons also have an individual code for one-time use only**.

Set price for Oil Change!

Exclusive pricing only with this coupon allows an oil change of $19.99 on your next visit for up to 5 quarts*.

Front End Alignment*

Exclusive pricing giving the same price of a small sedan to a large truck or SUV.

*Original values of $26.50 and $89.99 before tax respectivley. **These coupons do not include taxes and disposal fees.

Services Warranty Options

Some items have variations in warranty, its always best to maintained informed of any changes.